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People love movies. We love the sights, the sounds, the stories, the characters—we love the power a movie has to transport us to another place or another time. We love the way a movie can help us forget what we’re struggling with or help us process what we’re dealing with. They can change our day, influence how we think, even change an entire culture. Such is the power of film.

At MEMF we believe that media and entertainment are gifts from God that help us spread his message with creativity and excellence. Our goal is to serve you and your family Christian movies you can enjoy together. Reclaim family time together, learning from and enjoying top Christian movies and TV programs that enrich your hearts while putting smiles on your faces! We offer all the top new release Christian movies and feature films.

God has given us a gift—the ability to communicate with one another in new and marvelous ways, such as with film. This media lets us express ourselves in sights and sounds, through writing and visuals, in soundtracks and movie scores. Movies are a powerful way to change the way people think. But Christians have taken a backseat to the world for so long… No more!

For too long it’s seemed like Christian movies lagged behind in quality or talent, but today’s top faith-based films rival the biggest names in Hollywood for production skill, visuals, cinematography, musical scores, writing, and more. And, best of all, they’re films friendly for the whole family. No more covering the kid’s eyes during the “bad” parts or suffering through movies that are just plain bad—these movies uplift and inspire.

New Christian movies are coming out all the time that both inspire and entertain, and as faith-based studios catch on that a message isn’t enough and they need to be excellent, they’re making movies people want to see! Their writing, production quality, and talent have closed the gap—and now.

Why would you fill your house and mind with something that doesn’t lift you up when you can find amazing Christian movies and resources that will build you up instead of tear you down? You don’t have to wait for secular movies to provide entertainment; you can order inspiring Christian family movies that everyone can enjoy today!

Browse our list of top Christian movies, search by title, or even for help finding Christian movies, contact us for help! We’re honored to help you find the best Christian movies for your family and to provide you with a wide array of Christian DVDs and Blu-rays that will inspire and entertain everyone in your home. How can we serve you?